Five card draw poker tips

Five card draw is becoming a more popular poker game throughout many of the online poker rooms and if you’re new to the game then you’ll need as much information as you can. I’ve compiled some tips which you should try to follow and implement into your poker game so that you can win money rather then lose money. With only one draw in five card draw there are only two betting rounds in every hand so the action is fast paced and you need to adapt quickly. Let’s go through some tips that anyone will be able to use from the second you begin playing five card draw.

Watch Your Opponents

Look for how many cards your opponents draw in the game this is one of the best tells as to how good your opponents hand is. It will also give you and idea of what type of hand they might have. For instance, if they draw one card then they most likely have a flush or straight draw or possibly two pairs.

Never Chase Flushes or Straights

Never chase three card flushes or inside straights when you’re playing five card draw and try to avoid chasing too many four card flushes or open ended straights. These types of hands will generally cost you money and you won’t win much unless you’re getting lucky and hitting draws.

Play Strong Hands Slow

If you have a strong hand you should play the hand slowly pre-draw and then once the draws takes place you’ll need to start betting strong in the last round. You’ll be giving your opponents a chance to outdraw you in the hand so make sure you have a good hand before slow playing.

Don’t Raise With Mediocre Hands

Don’t raise with less then a pair in any hand unless you’re trying to bluff and steal the pot. Normally it will take a medium-high pair to win a five card draw hand and rarely will you see anything better then trips or two pairs. Flushes and straights happen once in awhile, but they’re not often so you don’t need to worry about them very much when playing.

Find Out How Your Opponents Play

Find out which players are loose and which players are tight because this will help you out when making big decisions. For example, if a tight player comes out betting big after the draw chances are that player hit there draw and you should fold your hand. If a loose player does this they might just be bluffing you, and you might want to raise them to feel them out. Knowing how your opponents act and play is half the battle in winning in poker.

Occionally Keep Your Third Card

When you have a pair and are drawing you should sometimes mix up your game and keep a third card. The third card should be the highest card in your hand used for your kicker. Hopefully you hit the two pairs on the draw, but if you don’t you’ll at least have a good kicker with your pair. Your opponents also won’t put you on a pair and they’ll likely put you on a bigger hand which could mean you could try stealing the pot after the draw.

The tips and strategies above will help you improve upon your five card draw game and before you know it you’ll be beating all the weak players at the table by displaying patience and executing the tips and strategies you’ve learnt here.