Five card draw winning strategies

Today we’re going to spend some time going over some vital winning strategies and tips that will help you see more success at the five card draw poker tables. Five card draw is one of the simple poker games to learn how to play and many poker players have been starting to play five card draw more often. A lot of the online players don’t have much experience in five card draw from my experience and with some solid five card draw strategy to follow you should be able to win some money on the poker tables.

Watch Your Opponents

Every hand you need to focus on how many cards your opponents draw so that you have an idea what they have in there hand. Checking how many cards your opponents throw away will give you insight into what they might have and assist you in determining whether you have the best hand or not.

Betting Tendencies

Watch the game closely as you play and try to pick up on any of your opponent’s betting tendencies. Most players have betting tendencies which they might not even notice and if you can pick up on them you’ll be able to make more money. Remember that your opponents will be trying to do the same thing so your strategy should also consist of making sure you don’t become predictable at the tables.

Have Patience

In order to win money consistently at five card draw you need a lot of patience and you can’t mind waiting through bad hands. A bad habit to pick up is to draw to inside straights or flushes because they don’t hit that often. If you’re going to chase an inside straight or a flush then you should ensure you’re getting good pot odds to chase the draw.

Avoid Chasing

The most solid five card draw players will rarely play any hands other then when they’re dealt a pair, open ended straight or four card flush with a high kicker. Of course you need to still bluff some pots when you don’t hit a hand, but avoid chasing and try to only play hands you have a good chance of winning.

Try To Hide Monsters

Try to hide when you hit a monster hand so that your opponents are left guessing as to what you have in your hand. For instance, if you have trips you could draw 1 instead of 2 cards and your opponents might think you have two pairs instead of trips. Tricks like these can payoff because you could draw potential opponents in the pot through disguising your hand as something weaker then it really is.


Position is vital at the five card draw tables and the later you act the better off you’ll be because you’ll get to see how many cards the opponents in front of you draw. This will give you insight as to how strong your hand might be and if it’s worth playing the hand or not.

Try to use these winning strategies and tips for five card draw next time you’re sitting down at the tables and I guarantee you see much more success. The key is to not play to many hands and waste money chasing draws and such hands when you could be saving your money for when you have a real hand.