Pot limit five card draw strategy

Five card draw has seen a growth in action across most online poker rooms over the past year or so and a lot of Texas Holdem players have been playing this game to try out something new. Most of the Holdem players moving to five card draw for a change of pace will end up playing pot limit. This means that if you learn how to play five card draw well you should have plenty of opportunities to play against weak players.

Play Tight Aggressive

When you’re playing pot limit five card draw the best playing style is to play a tight/aggressive game. This would simply mean that you don’t play very many hands, but when you do play you play them strong. You also need to utilize the bluff on the pot limit tables though because often hands are won on a stone cold bluff after the draw. The one upside to the active bluffing in pot limit five card draw is that when you do catch a hand you’ll be able to trap your opponents and maximize your win.

Hand Selection

If you execute the tight/aggressive playing style in pot limit five card draw then you’ll need to establish your rough hand selection. I say rough because there will always be exceptions to the hand selection you set in place based on position in the hand. Generally I would recommend having a pair when you decide to play a pot, and make sure you raise to the limit pre-draw to get most of the opponents out of the hand.

Don’t Chase

Since you only get one draw in five card draw it’s very difficult as you can imagine to hit a straight or flush and I don’t recommend chasing these very often. You can try to chase a few to see if you get lucky, but the odds aren’t very good to hit your draw. A lot of the new players to five card draw will chase draws and this is why I suggest playing hands only when you have a pair because if noone hits then you’ll win the pot.

No Bluffing

When you’re bluffing in pot limit poker games depending on the limits you’re playing at you might find it hard to bluff every opponent out of the pot. Some tables will have a few really loose players typically when playing the low limit tables and often these players will call with anything after the draw since it’s a pot limit game. I don’t suggest bluffing often, but based on how the game has gone you should bluff once in awhile against tight players to steal the odd pot. Also try to determine the loose players at the table early so that you can slow play your big hands into them so that they can help grow the pot for you so that you can get maximum value from your hands.

On a final note I suggest taking notes in the game you’re playing of the playing styles of your opponents. It will make using the tips above much easier if you can look at your notes of the game to determine the loose players and the tight players. The competition is fairly soft on most online poker rooms for five card draw and with some patience and persistence you could see a nice increase in your bankroll.