DoylesRoom introduces the Gold Chip rewards program

DoylesRoom introduces the Gold Chip rewards program. This unique program is designed to generously reward you for your frequent play.

What Happened to Loyalty Points?

Existing players that had LP’s in their account will have their Loyalty Points converted to Gold Chips at a rate of 250 LP’s per 1 Gold Chip. If you had less than 250 LP’s in your account, you will be rounded up to 1 Gold Chip. All play on the new software will earn you FPP (see below) and Gold Chips.

How do I earn Gold Chips?

When you play at real money games or pay tournament fees, you will earn Frequent Player Points (FPP). As you accumulate FPPs, you begin to fill in your Gold Chip Meter.  Once your Gold Chip Meter is full, you will receive the Gold Chip. Once you earn a Gold Chip, it is yours to keep. Redeem it whenever you like or save it and collect more.


What can I do with my Gold Chips?

Every week you can redeem your Gold Chip for a shot at our Weekly Gold Chip Giveaways. These tournaments may change from week to week (Limit Omaha one week, NL Hold’em the next). Since your Gold Chips do not expire, you are free to use whenever you wish.